Past Performance:

In 2010, provided Human Resources oversight for the performance and management of all US DOD airlift support contracts accounting for over $200 million in corporate gross revenue.  These contracts were comprised of 400 deployed aircrew, maintenance, administrative and program management personnel; and 18 aircraft.

In 2012, Centerline Services was responsible for recruiting, hiring, and deploying 6 U.S. cleared aircrew for the Mi-17 helicopter for a mission in support of AFRICOM.
In 2013, developed a UH-1H maintenance (11 Aircraft) contract with 30 personnel.  Total contract value: $4.6 million USD.

In 2014, developed a C-130 (3 Aircraft) contract with 20 personnel. Total contract value: $4.5 million USD.
In 2014, developed a UH-1H (10 Aircraft) contract with 30 personnel. Total contract value: $9 million USD.

In 2015, awarded an aircraft parts contract with ACOFA, the Colombian Air Force Purchasing Agency, to procure and deliver major components for their Bell UH-1H Helicopter fleet.

In 2016, awarded an aircraft parts contract to procure and deliver fixed wing aviation components and accessories for the Colombian National Police (CNP).

Since February 2017, Centerline has procured, processed, received, handled and warehoused approximately $1.1 Million USD in Drones, Accessories and Parts, in support of civilian and military clients throughout the Latin-American region.

In 2017, awarded a sub-contract in support of DoD aviation missions in Colombia.

In 2018, awarded a U.S. Navy logistics support contract in support of DOD allied exercises in Tumaco, Colombia.

In 2019, awarded multiple work orders to evaluate, repair and re-certify helicopter components for AAR Government Services, WASS contract.

In 2019, awarded a 10 year contract with the Miami Dade County Aviation Police Department, to provide Teledyne Continental Aircraft Engines.


Centerline Services LLC is a team of professionals dedicated to the highest standards of safety, quality customer service, and efficiency.  We focus on aviation maintenance, contracting, logistics, contractor logistics support, staffing, facilities support services, business development, and project management for the global aviation community. 

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Our vision is to be a globally-recognized and distinguished company, characterized by our commitment to service, efficiency, and enduring success.

Centerline Services LLC

Centerline Services has been in business since 2009.  Formerly known as Centerline Cargo, in 2013, the name Centerline Services was created in order to offer a wider range of solutions to our customers.
Since then, we’ve been expanding our business throughout the region of Latin America to include countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil.


The shortest distance between two points is the centerline.   We go direct to the solution, optimizing time, resources, and energy in the process. 

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  • Dedication

Centerline Services LLC

We have a “Win-Win Attitude” and we represent  the values of: